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At Vaniko Ltd., the newest technologies and machines are incorporated in the design and manufacture of parts, tools (forging dies, injection moulds, sheet metal dies), machine units, and machines.

Milling parts made of aluminium, steel, cast iron and plastic with sizes not bigger than 1000 mm and weigh up to 600 kg. The processing is accomplished by vertical and horizontal centres with CNC  with simultaneous work at five axes.

Rotary parts such as shafts,  gears, screws, etc., are processed by lathes with NC and CNC, conventional and CNC grinding machines, and gear-cutting and gear grinding machines.

In Vaniko Ltd., our designers and industrial engineers have long years of experience in developing parts and processes. Their professionalism and motivation guarantee you achieve all the technological requirements in the production line. 

The production area of Vaniko Ltd. is approximately 10 000 square meters.