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Gaining recognition as an innovative and fast-developing company, being known by its high-technological material facilities, highly skilled engineers, experience and its good reputation, since 2007 Vaniko ltd has been SKF Certified Maintenance partner. Today the company maintained, constantly improves and develops a special independent team of experts to carry out maintenance work on customers with local and national significance.

From all kinds of equipment monitoring the vibration, diagnostics provides the most information and data for the current state of the machines and their components. Vibration diagnostics is one of the mainstays of effective monitoring of the condition of the equipment. The monitoring of bearings condition and other components plays an important role in the elimination of the unplanned and unwilling downtime and reduces the maintenance costs, allowing planning of necessary maintenance. SKF offers a great variety of products and services necessary to build the optimal predictive maintenance program.

Vibration diagnostics is widely used for the diagnostics of:

  • motors
  • reduction gears
  • pumps
  • ventilators
  • compensators
  • cutting machines
  • paper machines
  • turbines

Via the methods of vibration diagnostics can be diagnosed:

  • unbalance
  • misalignment
  • mechanical losses
  • bearings defect
  • lubrication defect
  • resonance phenomena

Assessment of equipment condition according to severity rate ISO 10861-1

Assessment of equipment condition according to severity rate SKF enveloping technology

The experts from the CMP department constantly improve their knowledge and skills, which is evident from the diplomas and the certificates they have gained. The head of the team has gained a second-degree certificate in Condition monitoring at the BINDT (The British Institute of Non-destructive Testing).